Research informs SETA’s decision-making and skills development priorities, giving it a competitive edge. As a result, the primary mission of the research unit is to conduct research and develop planning documents.

It conducts research to update the SSP and other strategic documents. The Research Agenda provides a list of research topics/themes that are updated annually.


Sector Skills Plan (SSP) and Sub-Sector Skills Plans (SSSP)

In collaboration with key stakeholders and industry experts, the unit develops SSPs and SSSPs. The Sectorial Priority Occupations and Intervention List is then developed. These documents ultimately inform the SP and APP.

Strategic Plan (SP) and Annual Performance Plan (APP)

SETA’s targets, priorities, programmes, and plans for a given period are outlined in the SP and APP.

The Research Unit produces the following documents:

Monitoring and Evaluations

The Chambers (Sub-sectors) We Serve

The FoodBev Manufacturing SETA consists of the five sub-sectors (Chambers) listed below. In accordance with the FoodBev SETA constitution, each chamber has a committee, which is a sub-committee of the Accounting Authority with responsibilities delegated by the Accounting Authority. Members of chamber committees are grouped according to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes of their constituencies, where applicable. In addition to labour and employer organisations, interest groups connected to skills development are represented on the committee.

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