Notice: Clarity on the expiry of legacy qualifications

Notice: Clarity on the expiry of legacy qualification

Legacy qualifications that are sometimes referred to as unit standards based or pre-2009 qualifications will expire as per the circular issued by QCTO in January 2022. The circular has indicated a learner registration end date of 30 June 2023. This has now been clarified by QCTO. The important dates to note for these types of qualifications are as follows:

  1. Registration end date: 30 June 2023
  2. Last date of enrolment: 30 June 2024
  3. Last date of achievement: 30 June 2027

Training, Assessments, moderations, and achievement of learners

Training, assessments, moderations, and achievements on these qualifications will continue as normal post registration end date. However, no new accreditation/secondary accreditation can be issued against the qualifications and their unit standards. Learners can still be enrolled against these qualifications and their unit standards. Last date of enrolment means that any accredited SDP will no longer be able to enrol new learners post 30 June 2024. Training, assessments, moderations and achievements on these qualifications will only continue on groups with learners that had been registered prior toto 30 June 2024. Assessments, moderations, and achievements (Teach out period) will continue to learners enrolled before 30 June 2024 until 30 June 2027. Statements of results and certificates will no longer be issued post 30 June 2027.

All queries should be directed to the below official:

Queries address to: Mr. Llewellin Van Zyl

Telephone Number: Landline 011 253 7323

e-mail address to send queries

QCTO OQM CIRCULAR 1 OF 2022 circular-transitional-arrangements-for-qualifications-and-part.pdf

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