Understanding the FoodBev Manufacturing SETA Chambers

For the food and beverages manufacturing sector to effectively respond to its mandate, the Food and Beverages Manufacturing SETA (FoodBev Manufacturing SETA) has clustered its member companies in line with their sectoral activities.

Member companies are grouped according to the following five subsectors, also referred to as Chambers:

  • Baking, Cereals, Confectionery and Snacks (BCCS)
  • Beverage Manufacturing
  • Dairy Manufacturing
  • Manufacture of Food Preparation Products
  • Processed and Preserved Meat, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables

Baking, Cereals, Confectionery and Snacks (BCCS)

This subsector includes the manufacture of breakfast foods, bakery products, cocoa, chocolate, sugar-confectionery and nuts. It mainly comprises companies involved in salting, baking, drying and cooking processes.

Main Activity Description SIC Code
Manufacture of Bakery Products 30410
Manufacture of Breakfast Foods 30312
Manufacture of coffee, coffee substitutes and tea 30491
Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate & sugar confectionery 30430
Manufacture of nut food 30492

Beverage Manufacturing

This subsector manufactures spirits, beer, malt, soft drinks and mineral water, with wine and beer being major outputs.

Main Activity Description SIC Code
Manufacture of beverages 30500
Manufacture of beer and other malt liquors and malt 30520
Breweries (except sorghum) 30521
Manufacture of soft drinks, production of mineral waters 30530
Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits, alcohol production from fermented materials and manufacture of wine 30510
Sorghum beer breweries 30522
Manufacture of malt 30523

Dairy Manufacturing

This subsector is responsible for the manufacturing of all dairy products, including fresh milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream, yoghurt and edible ice.

Main Activity Description SIC Code
Manufacture of dairy products 30200
Processing of fresh milk 30201
Manufacture of butter and cheese 30202
Manufacture of ice cream and other edible ice 30203
Manufacture of milk powder. Condensed milk and other edible milk products 30204

Manufacture of Food Preparation Products

This is the largest subsector and produces goods that are used in making meals or beverages. Examples of these products include noodles, spices and sauces.

Main Activity Description SIC Code
Manufacture of compound cooking fats, margarine & edible oils 30142
Manufacture of crude oil and oil seed cake and meal 30141
Manufacture of food preparation products 30401
Manufacture of macaroni, noodles and similar farinaceous products 30440
Manufacture of other food products n.e.c. 30490
Manufacture of spices, condiments, vinegar, yeast, egg products, soups and
other food products 30499
Manufacture of Tobacco 30600

Processed and Preserved Meat, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables

This subsector is split into the following:

  • Manufacture of prepared and preserved meat, canned, processed and dehydrated fruit and vegetables, vegetable and animal oils and fats, processed fish, crustacean and similar foods.
  • Production, processing and preservation of meat and meat products through the slaughtering, dressing and packing of livestock, including poultry and small game for meat, as well as lard and other edible fats.
  • Processing and preserving of fish and fish products, fruit and vegetables.
Main Activity Description SIC Code
Manufacture of canned, preserved & processed fish, crustaceans and similar foods. 30121
Manufacture of canned, preserved, processed and dehydrated fruit and vegetables (except soups) 30131
Processing & preserving of fruit & vegetables 30130
Production, processing & preservation of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats 30100
Production, processing & preserving of meat, and meat products 30110
Manufacture of prepared and preserved meat, including sausage 30112
Manufacture of vegetable & animal oils & fats 30140
Production of lard and other edible fats 30100

Each chamber has established a chamber committee in terms of the FoodBev Manufacturing SETA Constitution. This chamber committee comprises key industry players such as organised labour organisations and employer organisations and/or associations, which drive the activities of each subsector.

The duties of the Chamber Committee include:

  • Providing expert advice and strategic leadership.
  • Providing guidance regarding skills development.
  • Assisting with the identification of strategic projects.
  • Assisting with appropriate recognition of the subsector’s education and training needs.

For more information on the chambers of FoodBev Manufacturing SETA, please visit http://www.foodbev.co.za/about-us/chamber.


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